We are the market leaders in Kazakhstan in the implementation of Business Intelligence (Power BI) technology for the automation of management reporting and analytics. Since 2017, we have implemented more than 120 projects for 70 clients from business, government and quasi-public sectors.

We help companies use analytics effectively to achieve business goals. We do this by creating solutions that deliver focused, continuous and readable analytics.

We are building a global company that will create global best practices and lead by example.

Geometry is an IT company
for data analysis and visualization

We created the product Meta BI for companies.

Meta BI is an integrated system of analytics and management dashboards. The combination of Business Intelligence technology (Power BI), in-house developments and specialized expertise.


For non-standard tasks, we proudly offer a list of our competencies:
Data & BI engineering
Data warehoses
Situation centers
Building & implementing mathematical models
Data vizualization

Our team

  • Merey Nursultanov
  • Dana Nursultanova
  • Galym Baibolov
  • Yerlan Adylkhanov
    Product director
  • Ansat Baitan
    Project manager
  • Medet Nursultanov
    PhD, Scientific consultant
  • Gulzhikhan Sarmanova
    Chief accountant
  • Anel Aryngazina
    Senior BI engineer
  • Alexey Perepelitsa
    Data engineer
  • Zhаnуlsyn Sеmbаyеva
    UX/UI designer
  • Arnagul Tashbayeva
    Senior BI engineer
  • Dauren Toktarov
    BI engineer
  • Tamerlan Zhussupov
    Data engineer
  • Indira Ulanova
    BI engineer
  • Saltanat Suleimenova
    BI engineer
  • Dilshat Sissimbayev
    BI engineer
  • Ayana Ospanova
    BI engineer
  • Akbota Yelemessova
    BI engineer
  • Valeriya Zanina
    SMM specialist
  • Gani Kozhabekov
    Business assistant
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