BI Analyst
DS/ML engineer
We conduct internships and prepare specialists for work.

We are looking for those who love and know how to solve complex problems, who will build a great company with us. We have all conditions for this.

We don't take and invest time in those who just want to improve their resumes and at the same time enter universities or other companies.
For everyone who wants to start a career
in data analysis and work in our company as:
Procedure and conditions
of internship

During your internship, you will complete the first stage of the Analyst Journey, an internal research program that contains tasks, tests, and project work.

The internship lasts 2 months, full day (9:30 - 19:00), offline. Therefore, it is important to exclude all other commitments to study and work.

The internship is unpaid.

As a result, the most preferred candidates will be offered a job with a starting salary of ₸150,000. In rare cases, if there is suitable experience, the salary will be reviewed.
Applying and competition
Please read the terms and conditions above carefully.

Send your resume and cover letter with the subject "internship" to

If you receive an answer with additional instructions and a test task, then you have passed the next round and can start the task.

If the letter with the task is not received within a week, this means that the next round did not pass. Most likely due to irrelevant experience.
Internships are held 2-3 times a year
Date of the next internship: 01.03. - 01.05.
Acceptance of applications: until 17.02.22

After successfully completing the test task, you will be invited for an interview.
Historically, about 200 candidates submit to the competition, 5 enter the internship, 2-3 remain to work.
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