What is Power BI

Power BI is a set of programs from Microsoft in the Business Intelligence family that help you create interactive reports based on data.

As with any representative of Business Intelligence technology, the purpose of Power BI is to present information in an easy-to-decide form, through consistent work:

to data sources

information and analytics

Visualization in

The entire sequence of work can be done in a desktop builder – Power BI Desktop
The software contains:
Power Query allows you to connect easily and without a code - with drag and drop
The data sources when may be different
You link disparate information from different sources in the Link Editor
All analytics are written in DAX language, which is very similar to formulas in Excel
Data vizualization – the most interesting and exciting part of report editor
After you have everything ready use the cloud service Power BI Service and mobile app Power BI Mobile

for publication, distribution, and collaboration

The cloud service has free and paid licensing options
You construct a report on Power BI only once, and then all updates happen automatically according to the schedule
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